Observe, Question, Think and Interact is our motto of developing this e-learning platform. To foster scientific temper and the rigor of critical and design thinking among the students we present you the Completely Integrated digital platform called “Interactive Learning Space” designed to provide teaching and learning as joyful and playful as possible.
Virtual Labs, Math Tools, Computing Tools, Programing Tools, Design Tools and much more are integrated into a Learning Management System to have a wholesome learning experience for the students and the teachers. Thoughtfully designed worksheets and quizzes complement well with the virtual labs and the tools. See it in live-action by selecting one of the links below.

Virtual Labs

Thoughtfully selected virtual labs coupled with worksheets for each and every topic of science serve as the observation tool. Observation followed by questioning is a natural way of understanding any concept. This is what we do in day-to-day life.

Math Tools

After Observation, the student collects a lot of information or data that has to be analyzed. Before analyzing, if the student visualizes it, then it will be easy for him to analyze and understand. So, math tools play an important role as a visualization tool and perform calculations and more.

Worksheets and Quizes

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Our e-learning platform developed for Sri Gowthami School, Rajahmundry. To see it in live click below

Our e-learning platform developed for Westberry Schools, Tenali and Bheemavaram. Click below to see it in live.